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Mendoza International Company

Mendoza InternationalThe project Mendoza international was born in 2005 with our own initiative about import and export of different products from Taiwan to South America, 2007, we extend our market and we provide fast, efficient and honesty reliable and cost-cutting procurement services and assistance to different companies in South America.

Our business mode has been diversified during our 7 years’ history, which includes but not limited to:

  • Conventional self-run imports and exports.
  • Agency services in imports and exports businesses.

We are highlighted by the following strengths:

System: our flexible and high efficiency mode of business provides the utmost possible convenience to our clients;

Talents: a team with responsible, experienced, hospitable, professional and efficient talents;

Client resources: good client relations worldwide. Have access and connections to credible worthy, cash- rich clients list.

Due to our unique characteristics and strengths mentioned above, our business volume has reached stable growth.

With our strengths, we would like to establish friendly cooperation relations with clients home and abroad on the basis of good faith, mutual benefit and common development but the most important with TRUST

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